Anything an App Can Do, We Can du Better!

Bubandu is App Simplicity™ for your business and consumers.


Bubandu feeds the Viewer content, which acts like an app, so you don’t need to build one.

Bubandu eliminates consumer app fatigue:


Apps Create Screen Clutter


Apps Require Annoying Updates


Mobile Websites Require a Search


Bubandu is Just Simple

A Smart Business Model

Bubandu gives your business an engaging site, called an island, that is fully interactive and immersive.

Your island resides in our platform and is pulled up on a smart device when requested. This eliminates the need to build an app or settle for a mediocre mobile web site.


Bubandu islands are incredibly fun and relevant. They can include valuable features such as loyalty and a mind blowing technology called AR-Blend™ that incorporates Life-useful Augmented Reality™ to help you increase revenue while growing your customer base.

Bubandu is the ultimate mobile platform for your business. Apps and mobile websites don’t compare:

Apps are expensive to build, require management, are only relevant to people who already shop with you and they are deleted from phones every day. Mobile web sites are typically mediocre and at best resemble a poorly built app.

Bubandu islands are as interactive as apps, more immersive than mobile websites and reach an extended audience easily for a fraction of the cost of building an app.


All your company’s content is fed from our platform to the smart device, in real-time. Changes and updates are seen immediately. This means that customers experience exactly what you want them to without requiring an update.

Your specialty is your business, ours is mobile technology that enables you grow and retain your long-term customer base. Let us help you be amazing on mobile devices today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Bubandu for Your Business Starts at $24.95